Bert’s Bytes

Bert’s Bytes started in 2002 with 50 short piano improvisations about musical thoughts, colours, experiments, traditional improvisations performed on the piano at home. This initiative was received so well that Bert started a new series of weekly concerts on the internet, on piano but also on accordion. There is every week a Bert’s Byte to listen to.

this week’s Bert’s Bytes

Listen to all 50 original Bytes here, or scroll down for a list of all individual Bytes.

50 Bert’s Bytes
1. Augmented scale
2. Toccata avant-garde

3. Toccata in tonality
4. Pentatonic scales

5. Strange handframes
6. Just nice triads
7. Caricatures of jazz
8. Hands moving in opposite direction
9. The beauty of parallel harmonies
10. Fuga toccata avant-garde
11. Avant-garde melody, harmony and rhythm
12. Caricature of jazz harmonies
13. Pop caricatures
14. Just a melody with the nicest harmonies possible
15. Passionate melody that generates harmonies
16. Just the colour of a block chord
17. Parallel undefined chord
18. Counter point without rules just play!
19. Just a melody with big intervals
20. Two hands moving opposite (avant-garde)
21. Just a very traditional ending
22. Traditional chords but strange transpositions
23. Hands that move in opposite direction opening imaginary curtains
24. Hands moving in opposite direction opening and closing sounds
25. Traditional left hand comping, right hand hitting notes
26. Just fast playing with a jazz caricature
27. Just strange handframes, strange sounds
28. Playing just fourths in both hands in different combinations
29. Left hand major and minor thirds, right hand avant-garde melody
30. Left hand playing seconds (world of tension), right hand with strong avant-garde melody
31. Just playing fifths, one of the most consonant intervals
32. Just playing sixths but in an avant-garde idiom so that they get dissonant
33. The world of sevenths and seconds, a dissonant world
34. Kind of jazz comping approaching all the harmonies from one step above
35. Kind of jazz comping approaching all the harmonies from one step below
36. Kind of jazz comping with chords in fourths intervals and transpositions in thirds
37. Fuga with rather strict laws of counter point
38. Fuga without strict rules of counter point
39. Playing a melody in octaves accompanied by tenths, rather traditional
40. Playing a melody in octaves, not traditional because of strange movements
41. A melody in the right hand, a base line in the left hand and sixths in the middle, like J.S. Bach
42. Using thirds in a Latin groove and losing control
43. Just a lick
44. One of the most used licks used in an avant-garde way
45. Trying to play a solo in octaves just a roaring sound
46. The melody stays on one note, the harmony changes so that perspective of that note changes
47. The melody stays long on the same note, harmonies are traditional, a quiet result
48. The right hand accompanies with minor and major triads, the left hand plays a warm melody below
49. Combining normal triads in both hands with half a note of difference
50. Combining triads in six/three inversion with half a note of difference