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Berts Interlessons

Bert van den Brink reflects your playing.

The procedure:

  1. You send a mail to asking for a “Berts Interlesson”
    I will reply to this mail with an invitation to send a sound file of your playing on which you would like to have my feedback.
  2. You send a sound file containing one song (maximum duration of ten minutes) to
  3. After i have decided to deliver a lesson to you, you have to follow the next procedure:
  4. You pay 100 euros through paypal to and after te transfer of the payment i will deliver a private lesson that you can download in which your playing will be analysed. I will give many detailled suggestions to broaden your musical perspective.

You can listen to a pilot lesson here:

Smoke gets in your eyes

Note that i consider a healthy physical approach of the instrument very important. In the case of physical playing problems internet can not help. In that situation i recommend to contact an experienced coach.

Contact Bert van den Brink